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Business Consultation

Who We Are

Pillar Healthcare Consulting, was founded in 2013 and is a leading educational provider for home healthcare and skilled nursing facilities. We provide assistance to new start-ups for licensure, expansion, revenue cycle overview, evidence-based practice changes, and educational development in the extended care, skilled nursing, and home healthcare industries.  


To provide boutique style consulting, that allows our healthcare clients to be successful by building collaborative relationships to support and maintain operational, compliance, and financial goals.


To be a quality and evidence-based healthcare consulting firm, that produces outcome based and sustainable results for our clients.  

Business Consultation

Meet our Founder & Lead Consultant

Tamara M. White, DNP, MBA, LNFA, RN


A proven leader in the Healthcare industry. 

Dr. Tamara M. White is a doctorally prepared registered nurse and licensed nursing facility administrator with over 16 years of clinical experience.  Dr. White has vast knowledge and proven experience in acute care, extended care, long-term care, and skilled nursing, home and community services, financial and operational requirements for sustaining a business and nursing education.


Analyzing the challenges and identifying opportunities for growth is her passion and at the forefront of making the most of each client experience. 

Pillar Healthcare Consulting, LLC is State and Local DBE Certified in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA.

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